Brahe Bjerregaard Consult

A Software Consultancy


We're a consultancy delivering agile coaching, technical project management, scrum mastering or lead development of software projects.

If your organization need an experienced software professional to join a team to lead it through complex software projects, facilitate an agile change process or help getting things done - please reach out to us.


Brahe Bjerregaard Consult is founded by Rune Brahe Bjerregaard. Rune is an experienced and committed software team leader, with a passion for people, processes, tools and business.

Rune builds stable team structures that ensure predictable successes – by delivering as promised, growing team and people, and having fun.


Our trademark is to build great stuff with great people – in the role of a Team Lead, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Lead Developer or Technical Project Manager.

We preach and practice the principles of lean and agile software development, and believe that XP, Kanban and Scrum are the most important pillars in that context. FDD, TDD, DDD, Continuous Delivery and Clean Code are other concepts that make the everyday life of a software team easier and more productive.

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